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A superbly accurate portrayal of one of the finest, most popular and enduring bands in the world!

From day one inJune in 2012, the members of Tango in the Night

have been been singing, performing, and playing the music of Fleetwood Mac as if they were the genuine article. Performing with a passion and spirit that recreates Mac at it's very best!

They have performed at a variety of venues, playing the songs you've heard and loved for the past 50+ years! Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions via the message box at the foot of this page.

Just a quick email to say how much my wife and I enjoyed the gig last night. Every member of the band were superb. In fact I will go so far as to say, I haven't heard live music produced so authentically elsewhere.
I would love to purchase a CD of your music, if they are available.
Looking forward to next year's performances in St Austell
Absolutely brilliant!
Best wishes  Dave Martin St Austell

Lindsey Buckingham


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