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A superbly accurate portrayal of one of the finest, most popular and enduring bands in the world!

From day one inJune in 2012, the members of Tango in the Night

have been been singing, performing, and playing the music of Fleetwood Mac as if they were the genuine article. Performing with a passion and spirit that recreates Mac at it's very best!

They have performed at a variety of venues, playing the songs you've heard and loved for the past 50+ years! Learn more by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions via the message box at the foot of this page.


Lindsey Buckingham

Hi everybody!

With regards to the forthcoming performance of Tango in the Night, at St. Petroc's Church on the 29th of May, it is looking very likely that it will need to be postponed until Friday 2nd of October
However, IF all goes well and the virus threat is halted, we will still go ahead and perform on the 29th of May if at all possible.
As there is still two months to go at this time, the decision will be made as soon as is practicable. We want to give people something to look forward to as soon as possible if we can as so many shows are unfortunately cancelled.
All announcements will be made here, on the Tango website, and on the CRBO SITE. Refunds will of course be made if the alternative date is inconvenient to you. Many thanks for your patience and understanding and please stay safe and well!

Cheers Kenny

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