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It's with HUGE sadness that we have to tell you that our Christine McVie 'Betty' has had to leave the band due to personal circumstances. Travelling from her school where she is head of music in Bude and with two very small children, plus major home renovations have all conspired to make it impossible to continue, and she has had to make this very hard decision to leave us.

Obviously, we're gutted, Betty is incredibly talented and a stunning musician, a GREAT Christine, and always with a smile and a kind word, she was a huge part of the band.

But we also understand her situation and we very much appreciate how difficult it's been and she will always remain a very good friend to all of us for life! We'll miss you incredibly Betty, and thank you so much for the past 2 years and so sorry we didn't have the opportunities to gig with you much more during these difficult times. You're sorely missed already!

We all hope we get to play all together again in better times! In fact, we hope that one day, just like the real Christine, you'll return to the band once again! Fingers crossed!

Loads and loads of love and very best of luck to you and you're lovely family!

Until we come across a new Christine, the band will carry on just as Fleetwood Mac did when Christine McVie left the real Fleetwood Mac, and we will also include some of Stevie's great and well known solo hits.


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