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Joe green

Joe a very talented & experienced saxophonist with more than 24 years experience. We are very proud that, when availability allows, Tango is the only Mac tribute that Joe plays with!
As a musician, he has played with a variety of bands & artistes, both in the UK & abroad. Recording tracks such as ‘Same old Slide’ with his band 'Joe Greens Connection' which was released as part of Blues International on Network Pacific Records.
Joe has featured on radio for 'Midnight Special Blues' & others,
In addition to session recording with 'Peter Greens Splinter Group' with the legendary blues guitarist, Peter Green on CD- Destiny Road.
Joe is nephew to the late Ex-Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green and features on 'The Peter Green Splinter Group', ‘Destiny Road’ album. Joe will be performing with Tango at selected gigs!


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