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Backing vocals

At the age of ten, I swapped my bicycle for a guitar and started recording tunes on an old cassette recorder to harmonise with. I have since acquired more guitars and a home studio, performed as a solo artist and been part of, and parted from several bands who've played folk festivals from Shrewsbury to Leigh-on-sea, and spaces in-between.
My first solo album, "Wednesday's Child" was released in 2010, alongside which I have recorded with Elowen (daughter of my first band The Cocky Magpies, where I sang, souped and laughed -mostly- with Yvette) The Rowan Amber Mill; album releases include 'Midsummers', 'Heartwood' and 'Folk Devils and Moral Panics' , Corncrow; album releases include 'Sweet Nightingale' and 'So Brightly Shining' and The Atwood Machine, and featured on various collaborations; releases including Dark Britannica's We Bring You A King With A Head Of Gold and Rif Mountain's Echoes From The Mountain, both widely available.
I am loving singing backing vocals with Tango in the Night, and have several recording projects still in the pipeline.

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